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Illustration Work

Well-known for her detailed and highly accurate natural history work, particularly in pen and ink, Jane has illustrated several books, the two latest being Colin Tudge's "Consider the Birds", published in the UKand Europe by Penguin. It has been published in the US under the title "The Bird" and in Australia and New Zealand as "The Secret Life of Birds". Jane - "The book was already written when I was approached by Colin and the publisher. I barely neeed time to think about it as the subject matter was right up my street.I produced over 50 pen and ink illustrations. It was a fascintaing and demanding project requiring a good amount of research, but I loved every minute!". To see some of the illustrations go to the "Originals" page.



Jane was also commissioned to produce highly accurate deatailed, pen and ink illustrations for the book "Raptors, A Field Guide to Survey and Monitoring". Jane - "Another challenge, as the readers of this book were going to be experts on the various species, field workers with sometimes a lifetime of experience of these birds that knew them far better than myself. The birds had to be feather perfect and also drawn in the correct postures. Nerve-racking but very enjoyable getting engrossed in the incredible beauty of the feather patterns and textures."

Illustration Library

Jane's drawings and illustrations are often used in magazines, scientific papers and other books. She has a huge library of illustrations that are available for such use. . A few examples are shown throughout this website, but if you have a request for a particular subject please email or phone to discuss your needs, as she has a large collection covering most British (as well as many foreign) birds and mammals, many plants, fungi, marine creatures and insects and she will probably be able to supply you with what you want. If she does not have the subject you need, then you may wish to commission.


For the past seventeen years Jane has written and illustrated a fortnightly "Country Diary" column for five local papers as well as numerous articles for other magazines and publications. Her style of informal narrative makes it a very popular regular feature.



Project, Education and Information Packs


Jane has also produced education and project packs to accompany the world-touring, international "Dinosaurs Alive!", "Whales" and "Tutankhamun and the Treasures of the Pharaohs" exhibitions. The packs were a big project requiring her to research the background material, write the copy, design the packs and draw the illustrations. The packs as well as being sold to the public, are used in schools throughout Britain and abroad.


Please click on the images to see some sample pages from the packs.


Natural History Interpretation Material

Natural history nterpretation material for centres ( initial concepts and ideas, researching the material, writing the copy, sourcing and providing photographs, creating artwork, layout and production of display material, display boards etc).

Gairloch Marine Life Centre Interpretation Material

Based at the end of the pier in Gairloch, Jane worked with the owners to come up with the initial ideas about display work for this centre. Starting with an empty building, she then went on to create all of the interpretation material, using her own and sourced photographs, her own text and paintings. Interpretation boards , interactive games, fantasstic statistics and unusual ways of presenting the information, take you on a journey from the shoreline, out under the pier, through the kelp forests, over the maerl beds and out into the open ocean, showing all the forms of plant and animal life supported by each.

The Centre building

The beginning of the journey - shoreline, rockpools, be a wildlife detective game, shoreline pollution. All panels painted and produced by Jane.

Fabulous Cetacean Facts written and illustrated with Jane's own photographs

Suspended from the ceiling to make use of the wasted space above and to give scale, life size mdf cut outs of a variety of birds from the largest white tailed eagle through gannet, heron, puffin down to the tiny stonechat.to

An interpretation board explained what maerl is and why it is important. photographs sourced by Jane and text written by her

The Wild Blue Yonder, describing the open ocean and its inhabitants and the challenges that they face. Painted by Jane